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Firefox Mobile

With July 11th and the launch in Hong Kong of the 3G iPhone I have been flexing my fingers ready to enjoy a mobile experience for a change.

Add this to this Firefox mobile concept video and am now completely overexcited. This is great idea and makes surfing on the internet using mobile a much more realistic option and one that is actually worth running up some data charges.

Happy to be guinea pig for this one if you’re looking for people fed up with surfing on mobile because “Trying to type on mobile is like trying to remove a contact lens with a cotton ball” as described by Aza Raskin.

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

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One Response to “Firefox Mobile”

  1. Juergen Hoebarth responded:

    That looks realy great - and i think firefox can do a good ron on mobile devices in the future - as browsers like the safari are not used by other companys like sonyericcson or nokia - hope that they woll offer open standards where you can install software like on computers - that would be grat - apple is going the way - but with there appstore at the moment they are doing it like in walledGardens but i think they will change this soon :-)

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